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When wishing to escape the summer heat or learn more about the relationship between Rome and her seaside ports, look no further than Liz and her associates! At Liz Lev Tours, we offer day trips to splendid sites like Ostia Antica or Tivoli to provide a delightful reprieve from the craziness of Rome.



The coastal town of Ostia is known for more than just its beach popular with Romans; it also is home to one of the most spectacularly preserved ancient Roman towns. Preserved by swamp washing in from the ocean, Ostia Antica gives an insight into the daily lives of normal Romans. As a coastal town, Ostia was important to Rome from an economic standpoint, turning large amounts of product imported from other areas of the world into marketable and profitable merchandise to propel the Roman economy.


Tivoli, originally named Tibur, was mentioned in poetry by Horace, Catullus, and Statius, famous for its beauty and good water. Many wealthy Romans, on account of this beauty and water, built private villas in the area. Now the home of two UNESCO World Heritage Sites--the Villa D'Este and the Villa Adriana--Tivoli has become a popular place to witness the beauty still present from the time of the Ancient Romans. Including the thermal baths and the Sanctuary of Hercules Victor, Tivoli is a must-see for those interested in the life of the wealthy in Ancient Rome.

Image by Diana Horonceanu
Urban Neighbourhood


The Castelli Romani are a group of sites just south-east of the City of Rome, well worth the visit if you have a few days in Rome. This tour would include these Castles, as well as a wine tasting, a visit to il Museo delle Navi Romane, and to the Papal Residence in the area. All in all, an excellent day trip, full of interesting history and fun activities.


Capranola is a small town in Lazio, situated in the middle of a bunch of volcanic hills. Its claim to fame is the presence of the Villa Farnese, which was the country villa of the very powerful Farnese family, relations of Pope Paul III. Visiting this town, you will certainly eat well, as it is home to many little authentic hostarias and trattorias. Additionally, you will be led around the Villa Farnese and will be able to soak in the beautiful scenery both inside and outside of the property. 

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