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Ciao a tutti! My name is Gabrielle and I am Liz’s intern this summer. I am a rising senior at the University of Dallas, studying Theology. My senior thesis, which I am currently researching for, is about the Theology of Caravaggio. While studying abroad in Rome in my sophomore year, I met Liz and went on two tours with her. Hearing her speak about Art History made me realize how much I loved studying it and how important it is for my faith. I will be helping Liz this summer by expanding the company’s social media presence. You can follow Liz Lev Tours new Instagram account @liz_lev_tours to get to know more about our tour guides and the tours we are providing. You also now find us on X @LizLevTours. It is a huge blessing to be back in Rome which has become like a second home for me. I look forward to visiting all the Carvaggio paintings I can and most of all, I am excited to be part of the Liz Lev Tours family!


The first thing we want to do, before diving into our rankings, is to give you all a few tips for choosing a gelateria with care and expertise. That way, if you aren't close to any of the gelaterias on our list, you can still find amazing gelato. 

Our first tip is to run away from the huge gelato mounds. When you see places with giant piles of gelato, it looks spectacular but, in reality, only means that the gelato you're eating is days old. To achieve this impressive aesthetic, the gelateria makes new gelato and piles it on top of the old stuff, meaning that the gelato on the bottom is the oldest gelato in there. Overall, the mounds indicate a lack of authenticity and a definite lack in tastiness.

The second tip is that, if you see a gelateria with metal buckets as the containers for the gelato, you're in the right place. These buckets make it impossible to see the gelato, which might make you nervous. However, do not fear. We cannot explain exactly why this is always the case, but gelaterias with the metal containers 9/10 times will be absolutely scrumptious. 

Our third and final tip can be applied to everything you do during your Roman holiday: go down side-streets and little alleyways. It's incredible how rich the city of Rome is, and, in our experience, the surest way of finding something incredible is to wander off the beaten path just a little. One of my (Camille) favorite restaurants in Rome is "Il Piccolo Arancio," which is just off a main tourist street close to the Trevi Fountain. As soon as you get off that main road, it feels like you're in another universe. The same energy can be used when trying to find good gelaterias. Look just slightly further than the main thoroughfares, and we believe that you will have better luck.


1. Grom

Grom was easily, for me (Camille), the top pick. At Grom, you get two flavors in a small for 3 Euro, which is just about average. However, in return, you receive the creamiest gelato you will ever have. I am aware of the tourist-y reputation of Grom, but I believe that this gelato is 100 percent worth the hype. It's located right off of 

Piazza Navona, and their authentic pistachio flavor changed my life. For me, it's a must-try. There are other locations in Florence and around Italy as well, if you don't get around to trying it in Rome.

2. La Romana

Coming in hot at second place is La Romana, Eva's favorite spot in Rome. La Romana is a gelateria with three locations in Rome, only one of which is located in an area frequented by tourists. At La Romana, you get star treatment--you can choose if you want chocolate in the bottom of your cone (which, you do) and, if so, whether you want white, milk, or dark chocolate. Then, after you choose your gelato flavors, you get the option of whipped cream on top (which you also want). Creaminess levels are highly respectable at La Romana, so I recommend milk/chocolate-y based flavors over fruity sorbets here.

3. Padron Gelateria Artigianale

Our third place overall goes to Padron Gelateria Artigianale, which is a small, family owned and operated gelateria located on Via Gregorio VII, close to St. Peter's Basilica. This place has a lovely outside seating area where you are sure to find at least one family with some kids running around on a sugar high. The gelato is creamy and delicious, particularly their nutella flavor. Here, you can get a small for 2.5 Euro and, funnily enough, they also offer empanadas inside, which I have never tried. I highly recommend this place if you are looking for very authentic Roman gelato.

4. Frigidarium

Coming at a total contrast to our number three is Frigidarium, potentially the most hyped-up and tourist-y of all gelaterias in Rome. Would I say that it is as good as Grom or La Romana? No. However, they have some fun, unique flavors, they offer to cover your gelato in chocolate at the end (which, yeah), and a good Frigidarium cone is a staple of any Roman holiday. I highly recommend their Frigidarium flavor (the one with all the cookies in it), which absolutely slaps. 

5. Old Bridge Gelateria

Old Bridge Gelateria is another famed location which also completely lives up to the lore. With sizes starting at 2 Euro, 2.5 Euros can get you three flavors. All the flavors are creamy and delicious, and they have a range of flavors, from the classics to more new and interesting kinds. The original location is close to the Vatican, and they opened another in Trastevere, so you're sure to pass by an Old Bridge Gelateria during your time in Rome. I recommend the pistachio flavor if you appreciate a pistachio with a strong nuttiness to it, which I do.

6. Gelateria Cremilla

Another gelateria in the Vatican neighborhood is the Gelateria Cremilla, which has my favorite interior of all the gelaterias on this list (which, yeah, doesn't have anything to do with the gelato itself, but I just thought I'd include). Cremilla has a list of solid flavors, keeping to the classics, and they keep it simple but delicious. You can get a small for 3 Euro and, if you have any gelato hatrz in your group, Cremilla has a bunch of non-gelato dessert options. 

7. Gelateria della Palma

Gelateria della Palma is a very fun place to go once you've tried some awesome basic flavors. They advertise that they have 150 flavors of gelato, which could very well be true--I didn't count, but it did seem like there were a ton of options to choose from. Interestingly, because I was overwhelmed a little, I asked one of the workers to chose for me, and he gave me pistachio (my fav flavor) and some interesting cookie gelato. Both were delicious, and I would definitely go back to try some more of the fun flavors. This is the gelateria I would most recommend for anyone vegan, as they have more vegan options than most gelaterias in Rome.

8. Flor Gelato

Flor Gelato is another great gelato spot in Rome--definitely some of the best gelato around. Normally, a place like Flor Gelato would be top three, but, in Rome, there's such a plethora of great gelaterias that Flor Gelato has been relegated to eighth place. The flavors are all incredibly solid and the creaminess factor is off the charts. It's truly amazing gelato, close to the Forum, and their tiramisu flavor went hard. In my head, I compared this place to Fiore de Luna, which did not make this list. I had the tiramisu at both places, and Flor Gelato blew Fiore de Luna out of the water. Overall, amazing stuff from Flor Gelato. 

9. Il Gelato di San Crispino

This is the priciest option on our list, with a cone of two flavors costing 3.50 Euro. The flavors and texture of the gelato, though, are amazing. Here, you can find a honey flavor, melon, and a hazelnut meringue, which are interesting flavors worth checking out if you're in the Municipio I neighborhood. 

10. La Strega Nocciola

Last, but not least, on our non-exhaustive list of gelaterias in Rome, is La Strega Nocciola. I have to admit, I first entered this gelateria because its name reminded me of "Strega Nonna," a kids book by Tommy DePaula that was a favorite during my childhood. When I entered, however, I was gratified immediately by the delicious flavors of gelato presented to me. This place is where I would recommend you go for some yummy and unique sorbet flavors. They have fig, basil, lavender, and other great flavors. As a mango sorbet fiend, I can attest that the mango sorbet at La Strega Nocciola is unreal. 


We hope that this list has provided some guidance, a jumping-off point, for your own individual quest to find the best gelato in Rome. Good luck and have an amazing time in Rome, the best city in the world!

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